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Creating a strong pillar of web presence with our web development and digital marketing services. Web development and Digital marketing have become an urgent need for companies, irrespective of its size and age. It’s time to join hands with Codegnan to sustain the heat of the competitive market.

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We are a young company with a lot of energy and passion to train and transform the way this digital world evolves in terms of education, technology, marketing and much more. We possess a strong zeal toward transforming different industries like website development and digital marketing with a more practical approach. With our excellent team, we launched web development and digital marketing services in vijayawada, we would be focusing on driving more traffic towards your website, establishing successful digital marketing campaigns and improving the ROI of your business through our exceptional digital marketing strategies. From SEO, Website development, backlinking, Industry 4.0 to social media optimization, we handle every aspect of digital marketing with a flair for creativity and perfection. If you need any kind of digitized services, we have got your back!

With our experts and technocrats, we were able to grow in real-time, at a faster pace. This allowed us to carve a name for ourselves among the student and staff community across India. We are recognised as one among the fast-growing companies in India with a reputation for quality services.
With our overhauling experience in Web development and Digital marketing, we were able to achieve a lot in these fields. Now, we are planning to expand our horizons and offer exemplary services in these areas. Being a part of the Digital marketing team requires more strategic planning and timely execution. We ensure that this happens and look through the results getting translated into success.
Our team has proved our mettle in every field. We have taken it as a challenge to offer more satisfactory and real-time results providing services to all our clients. Our team would always stand by you when you need support. With our team support and abidance to market trends, you can soar high in your digital pursuits. We promise what we can offer and offer what we promise. There would never be any compromise in that.


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We cover 360-degree of your website requirements from static web development to website maintenance. Spanning from logo making to digital marketing, you name it, we make it. We would never compromise on the quality aspects. We provide what we assure.

Why codegnan?


Website development is no longer a child’s play or a vanity fair. It is going to act as the face and mask of your business. Your website would let your audience mark their first impression on your brand. It is going to let them stroll over what you offer them and what your vision and mission are all about. Are you aware of the fact that you can monetize our website and earn a lot of bucks? With Codegnan acting as your charioteer, it is possible to create that stunning, flexible and user-friendly website. It is not going to take away your time entirely. We can assure that you are going to leverage the maximum benefits your website can offer you with. If you are going to create a website, remember Codegnan for the affordable, customizable and user-oriented approach. Codegnan is going to let you visualize how you imagined your dream website to be.

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From design, layout to the front end development, we offer only the best of the best. We would be available to offer you support at any point in time. We take care of the website maintenance without any hindrance. We assist you in such a way that once you create the website, you would find no need for any expensive external support. We listen to you and build your website from scratch with your preference in mind. We would offer suggestions on the latest industry trends you can take advantage of. We are tech and design-savvy individuals with an eye toward the best practices in the industry. Hence we would be glad to guide you on which path to move forward. In a nutshell, we provide oxygen to all your web development expectations. We aim towards converting your expectations into reality with our expertise and applaudable skillset.


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Digital marketing is not just about creating campaigns and letting it grow. If you are cashing in digital marketing, then you would know how essential it can be to skyrocket your business growth using digital methodologies. If you are an internet savvy individual, then you would have come across startups moving to the unicorn club, thanks to their strong social presence online. If Digital marketing is your cup of tea, then Codegnan would be the sugar. We add colour to your digital marketing dreams and bring alive your business. We take care of everything from SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ad campaigns to Social media marketing. Codegnan would be your go-to destination if you are going to build your online base. We research your brand and determine what would go well with you only after understanding you completely with the current market perspective.

Our experts with 10+ years of experience can support all your digital marketing requirements and let you soar high in this digitalized era. We can guarantee you that your website will find a place in the Google ranking. We are relying only on methods accepted by Google to get ranked. Hence you can trust us without any second thoughts. With your Digital marketing capabilities, you can build an audience base that would always trust your brand integrity, no matter what. We would offer support 24x7 without any hurdles in between. From submitting reports on the performance of each campaign to suggesting new campaign ideas and strategies, we would be your digital friend in need. We would always find ways to ensure that you are on the right track and ahead of your competitors. Remember Codegnan, if you think about Digital marketing!

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